Me playing the pianoObviously, this is not how you should play the piano. Hopefully the tips on Piano Clues will help you play better than I’m doing in this picture.

I’ve been playing the piano for about five years now and I set up this website to share with you a few bits of piano and music knowledge that I picked up on the way.

Not that I’m all-knowing, of course. In fact, I still expect to learn quite a few new tricks myself. ;-)

You can listen to some of my recordings on www.originalsolopiano.com.

I also wrote a cool app for the iPhone: Reverse Chord Finder Pro. This is a reverse chord dictionary: you give it the notes you’re playing, and Reverse Chord Finder tells you what the names of the corresponding chords are. Ideal for songwriters and music students.

Enjoy the site! Any email is welcome.

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