Piano radio on the internet

If you can’t get enough of piano music, then tune into the following internet radio stations. You can listen to them for free on your computer, provided that you have a reasonably fast internet connection (something better than dial-up).

Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio – Music to quiet your mind. Need I say more? (Also on Live365.com)

The Jazz – Great radio station from the UK that plays jazz all day long. Not just piano jazz, but all kinds.

NPR Piano Jazz – Jazz pianist Marian McPartland interviews famous jazz musicians. You can listen to old episodes online.

Solo Piano on SKY.fm – Top artists and undiscovered pianists in all kinds of genres.

Lucky Seven Radio – Several different channels, including Solo Piano, Piano Jazz and New Age.

Elena Kuschnerova Classic Radio – Classical piano and chamber music.

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  1. Khobé says:

    This website is a musical treasure chest for beginners! A thousand thanks.

  2. johnywalker says:

    I know music by way of playing guittar a little.But I have come to know how chords are built,its progression,melody and its relation to chords,lyrics etc.Great.amazing,awesome.Music is universal language.you make me to speak it.No words to express my thanks.Bye johny.

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