Synthesia: Learn piano by playing game

If you like to play computer games, and want to learn to play the piano at the same time, then check out Synthesia.

This game is similar to the popular game Guitar Hero. Notes come falling down from the screen and you have to press the right keys on the piano at the right time to score points.

The music comes from MIDI files, which means the number of songs you can play is virtually unlimited because for almost any song you can find one or more free MIDI files on the internet.

Download Synthesia for free at:

Even if you don’t like to play games, Synthesia still provides a good way to see what’s going on in the MIDI file.

It’s much nicer than the on-screen keyboard from VanBasco because you can see the notes ahead of time. This is quickly becoming my favorite tool to play back MIDI files. :-)

Give it a try!

You can watch a nice video demo of Synthesia here.

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