Chord progression maps

Speaking of chord progressions, there is a very cool web site called where you can learn all about them.

For example, here is a chord progression map for the key of C.

In the key of C, the C chord is the home chord, the most important chord. This is where chord progressions begin and end.

Here is how to read the chord progression map: from the C chord you can go to any of the other chords, and then you have to follow the map back to the C chord.

So you could start at C and jump all the way up to the A chord (top-left). From A you go down to Dm, then to G to Em to Am to F to G and finally back to C.

But that is only one possibility. We could also have gone from A to the shorter route of Dm to Em to F to C.

The possibilities aren’t endless, though. If that were true, we wouldn’t need the map. The map exists because not all chord progressions sound good.

The site also has maps for all other keys and a generic map that works with Roman numerals.

Play around with it! It’s a wonderful tool for learning the rules of harmony.

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  1. Jack says:

    Just found your website,and hooked my Yamaha DGX620 up to my computer using 1-4 and 1-8 jacks. The yamaha has a USB port. Can I use this instead?The first way I am getting a loud hum.

  2. Jane Bobo says:

    Dear Piano Clues,

    I have been using Duane Shinn’s courses. Will the Sudnow course or Piano Magic- Michael Anderson course be redundant or could a different approach from these courses be beneficial to me. Thank you for your response.


  3. Sarah says:

    Dear Writer,

    You are the one that made me finally understand “the Chords” and how they work.


  4. Leela says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your work here on this site…
    It is SO clearly and logically explained.
    I think it’s truly, truly brilliant.
    Thank you, thank you!

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