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About a year ago, I set myself the challenge to compose (or improvise) and record one new solo piano piece every week.

Each piece had to be at least 2:30 minutes in length. I aimed to produce only original pieces but once in a while I also did my own variation on an existing piece.

I posted these pieces on a blog and a podcast, not because I expected to find a big audience, but to keep the pressure on. ;-)

However, I managed just fine and actually did more than one piece per week on average, so I’m happy about the results.

Last November I decided it was enough. By then I had recorded almost 40 pieces, so it had been a worthwhile challenge and I learned a lot from it.

Even though the blog is gone, I kept the pieces online. You can listen to them here:

All the pieces are free to download (right-click in the player). Some also come with sheet music (see bottom of the page).

You can still listen to the podcast, although there will be no future updates to the feed:

Listen as podcast

And you can also listen on iTunes:

Listen on iTunes

Enjoy! :-)

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