Adult Beginners Forum Online Recital

Every three months the members of the Adult Beginners Forum over at Piano World get together for an informal recital.

Everyone who wishes to participate performs and records a solo piano piece and then uploads it to a special website.

On the day of the recital, all entries are made public on the Piano World Forums.

Last month we had our 10th recital, and it was awesome (as always :-) )!

With 63 participants, this was our biggest recital ever. People from all over the world, old and young, ranging in experience from complete beginners to seasoned players, created over 3 and a half hours of piano music.

Any style of music goes, as long as it’s played on a piano. Last time we had classical, jazz, new age, pop, you name it.

Visit the recital here

You can also listen directly to all the tunes using the online streaming player.

Go check it out!

And if you play the piano, be sure to send in a recording for recital 11 on August 15!

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  1. JB says:

    This website has some great articles and tips. I was disappointed to see that you stopped writing almost two years ago. :( If you ever find some more free time, keep on writing!

  2. Hello,

    I send you a link of a new age piano sheet music : Seagull in the sky (La mouette dans le ciel) :

    You’ll can post it and share it for free.

    I’m the composer of this sheet music.


    Patrice Tambon

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